Addresses the root-cause of over 90% of all cyber incidents

Small businesses are a bigger target than ever, and if all you’re relying on is your antivirus and firewall, you’re at risk.

myBusiness by CybrQ is a suite of tools and insights designed to prevent cyber incidents, at an affordable price point with no hidden costs. This is cybersecurity by simplicity.


Know Before The Risk


myBusiness helps you shore up your security by making your employees your first line of defense – no matter their level of technical expertise.

  • Real-time alerts before you click
  • Seamlessly embedded extensions
  • Self-service installation within minutes.

5 Layers of Protection

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Harden your business against attackers with five levels of human-centered security:

  • Browsing
  • E-Mail
  • Authentication
  • Website Risks
  • Cyber Awareness Learning

Don’t Let Technology Distract You

The bottom line is this: Every cybersecurity tool on the market today leaves you with gaps in your coverage. If it didn’t, data breaches and other cybersecurity incidents would be a thing of the past.

CybrQ’s myBusiness suite gives you the opportunity to address these gaps in the most cost-effective way: by avoiding human error your risk decreases significantly.


Protect Your Bottom Line


Prevention is the cheapest option to fight cybercrime.

  • One subscription for up to 10 employees
  • All inclusive subscription - no hidden cost
  • Easy, self-service installation
  • No impact on your work process nor does it waste valuable working time
  • Complete privacy and ownership over your data

Optimized for Small Business

CybrQ designs tools to work around the packed life of today’s small business owner, which means the price is right, you’re up and running in seconds, and there’s no steep learning curve to worry about.